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How to make a reservation?

You can easily book the apartment using our online reservation website (‘Book now’ button).

You will need to choose your dates and number of guests and you will get an online offer.

Please notice check-in and check-out hours.

The price is set according to the length of stay (and gets cheaper as the stay is getting longer).

For longer stays (over 1 month) please contact us by email : 


Can we visit the apartment before we book?

The apartments look exactly as you see on the website (no Photoshop).

For those who need a medium to long terms:

You are welcome to schedule with us a time to visit the flat you liked.

We can enable a visit only on if the apartment is available.


Can we start our reservation on Saturday?

You can, but please take into account that you will need to pay for the whole

weekend meaning also paying for the Friday.


Check-in & Check-out times 

Check in:   anytime after 3pm (We enable Self check in ))

Check out: 10:30 am

If the apartment is ready beforehand we will be happy to let you have it earlier,

we will only know this a day or two prior your arrival.


Late check-out

Inform us if you need a late check out by email.

We will consider to enable you to stay till 12 pm (noon) if it is possible

(it depends on the next clients arrival and at extra cost).

We will only be able to let you know a day or two before your departure. 

Any late check out after 12pm (noon) will be calculate and charged as an extra night.



All our apartments offer a free parking space.

The studio apartment has a free on-street parking.




WE HAVE minimum OF 14 night AT ALL TIMES.

On the last minute  : we will consider 10 nights if possible.



Can we book one night/weekend? 

NO, We accept MINIMUM 14 NIGHTS bookings.


We arrive late at night. How can we get the key?
How will we get the keys?





Can you arrange us a Taxi from the Airport? 

We can arrange a taxi for you at an extra cost.

Please inform us prior to your departure if you would like us to arrange this for you.

The taxi will wait for you with a name sign.


Can we have breakfast?

We would love to recommend you of the best coffee shops in the city.


Are there sheets, towels, toiletries and coffee / tea in the apartment?

In all the apartments we arrange bed sheets and towels for the number of guests.

In all the bathrooms you will find starter pack toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, ear buds and shower cap) a large towel and small towel, hand towel and floor mat.

In the kitchen you will find packets of tea, coffee and sugar/sweeteners.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy :

  1. Any cancellation must be communicated to the Landlord and it is for the Tenant to ensure communication of the same to the Landlord.

  2. Upon cancellation the following terms will apply:

    1. If cancellation is made 60 days or more prior to the beginning of the Tenant is liable to pay 30% of the Rent for the Term

    2. If cancellation is made between 45-60 days prior to beginning of the Term the Tenant is liable to pay 50% of Rent for the Term.

    3. If cancellation is made between 0 - 44 days prior to scheduled entry the Tenant is liable to pay 100% of the Rent for the Term.

  3. After taking possession of the property no cancellation will be permitted and the entire rent will be forfeited

  4. Not withstanding with 6.3 in case of a cancellation pursuant to 6.2.3 or 6.3 the Landlord will endeavor to find alternative tenants and if he successfully re-lets the Property, the Landlord will refund the Tenant the sum paid for each night the Property has been re-let less an agreed deduction of 15% for administration fees. For any period the Property has not been re-let the Tenant will continue to pay the full rate. The Landlord is under no obligation to find alternative tenants. 

  5. All sums due to the Landlord under this Agreement will be deducted from the Deposit and any shortfalls will be deducted using the credit card provided. 


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