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About us

People love feeling at home anywhere they go to. 
Raanana Luxury Apartments - your home in Israel, even before you arrive.

Every person has his own ‘home’.


That’s why it’s important for me to find out right at the outset what a ‘home’ means for you, what is the purpose of your stay and what precisely you are looking for.


  • Is it a family visit? 

  • Business travel?

  • Are you before relocation travel ar coming back from relocation and need an apartment for 1-2 months?

  • Are you planning your pilot trip before Aliya and you want to get to know Raanana?

  • Are you going to renovate your house / apartment and can not leave during the constructions?

  • You have to vacate your apartment due to sudden insurance occasion (flood ,fire etc) ? 


This will help me find the most suitable apartment for you in size, location and budget.


My Experience


As a software engineer I gained considerable experience in managing a large number of tasks while maintaining the highest quality in the finished product which is delivered to the customer.

I developed good team working skills as well as good client service.

Those skills continue to serve me when I started my own business - ‘Raanana Luxury’.


At Raanana Luxury I adopted a unique concept in the

industry of short term rentals and holiday apartments.

It combines the luxury that is normally found in boutique hotels but at a cost that is lower than the average hotel yet with a close attention to the small details that people so need while away from their own home.


“Home is not where you live but where people understand you” (Christian Morgenstern)

I very much run my business inspired by this theme.


I was born and raised in Raanana and continue to live here.

I can therefore guide you around and provide any information that can assist you during your stay in Israel including:


  • Guided tours across Israel in a variety of languages

  • Taxi services (Russian , French , English)

  • Finding medical assistance

  • Where to buy Ready home made meals (Kosher)

  • Laundry and dry cleaning services (pick up from your door) - at extra cost

  • Welcome pack upon check in (at extra cost)

  • Supply of baby related items (bath, baby bed, etc) and any other general enquiries.



See You Soon

Galit Domani

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